A relationship with a medical provider should be a sacred one, built upon an intimate understanding of one's condition, quality of life and goals for care.

Many of Monique's clients are living better today, in large part due to the personal attention she has provided, along with her extensive education and training. A few of them have agreed to share their experiences under her care.

While testimonials can attest to a provider's competency in the context of specific patients, they should not be the sole basis for approaching a provider for care. Before considering acupuncture as a treatment option, Monique welcomes your queries . She wants you to be 100 percent confident that acupuncture will provide you with the quality of life you desire.

I'm afraid of needles. I always have been. A wonderfully enlightening conversation with Monique informed me that acupuncture uses thin needles that you can barely feel. I have had numerous treatments from her for various conditions, such as a cold, discomfort in my foot, and severe stress. I'm happy to report that everything is going well for me … and with her help, we plan to keep it that way :)  AR

Under her care, Monique listens to you attentively, patiently, without judgment, and treats you with respect and honesty, not as a number to be processed, but as a person -- a whole person.

With aplomb, Monique treated me for chronic muscular-skeletal issues, and not only successfully addressed the immediate concerns (of spasms, contortions, and accompanying pain) but with subtle, profoundly moving techniques helped me come face-to-face with myself, enabling me to see the deeper underlying emotional basis of trauma, (and, quite possibly, deeper still), an opportunity to "let go" and be illuminated.

To regain strength, regain self, to be renewed ... once again. C

I am currently 34 weeks’ pregnant. Things are going well and the baby is doing great! I never thought I'd get to this point with my history of miscarriages, but acupuncture really helped relax me and balance my body, which I believe played a big part in how successful this pregnancy is! Thanks so much for all of your help! JF

I approached Monique out of desperation due to a bad case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which was hindering my chances of conceiving. At the same time I was very much against the drugs that my physician wanted me to take. The side effects outweighed the benefits more that I felt that I would damage my body more than healing it.

I was very apprehensive as I am not a fan of needles, but immediately felt at ease when I met Monique. I had read that acupuncture could help to regulate things and to calm me down. It helped that she was clearly very knowledgeable about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and seemed confident that she could help.

Within four months of starting treatment, my periods were regular and much less painful. Monique used a specific acupuncture technique to treat me and I was overjoyed to have a positive test result on our first attempt. I am incredibly grateful to Monique for all her help. I never thought I'd say this, but I really enjoy my sessions as they totally relax me and make me feel wonderful. I would also like to announce, as I write this letter, that I am six months’ pregnant.

I would recommend Monique to anyone who experienced the same problems as me. MC

I was 38 years old when I was diagnosed with a case of some sort of "Severe and irregular vaginal bleeding" due to stress. I struggled with the condition for close to a year. In finding a cure, I quit my job, took all the medication given, did all the blood tests but the condition just got worsen with time. Due to so much blood loss, I had severe anemia. At one point, my OB/GYN suggestions all leaded to sterilization to stop the bleeding, meaning that the option of having a baby were none or very slimmed. Even if ill, I declined.

I went looking for other options and second opinions. This is when I decided to do acupuncture. To my surprise after my acupuncturist gave me chinese herbs and treatment, my condition in a matter of months disappeared. In one month or so, I noticed my period going back to normal. Then, close to the third month or less after treatment, we found out that we were expecting our first child! Our baby is due in a few weeks from now and to us its an unbelievable blissful miracle. CD

If you'd like to share a positive experience with Monique (and view them on acusolution.com!), we welcome your contributions.

Please email Monique with your words, and thank you for sharing your experiences so others may come to know the benefits of acupuncture!


It had been six months since my last OBGYN appointment, and I was still suffering from an ovarian cyst. These can often be very painful, and simple movements like standing up or sneezing can be excruciating. I was overwhelmed with the idea of having surgery to remove the cyst, an option my doctor had recommended. The cyst had progressed to the point that it was altering my menstrual cycles. I was beginning a new cycle every 12 days and certainly not ovulating at all. To top it off, my husband and I had just begun the process of trying for a baby. What should have been an exciting and joyous time had turned into a stressful and disappointing one.

 After months of uncertainty, pain and disappointment, I decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. The results of the acupuncture were immediate and absolutely amazing. After the very first session, I began sleeping through the night, every night, and was finally getting the rest I needed. I continued the treatments and began to notice that the stress in my life was diminishing and therefore not adversely affecting my life anymore. My allergies to pollen and dust
also improved with the acupuncture.

 Within four weeks, my menstrual cycles had returned to their normal 28-day cycle. Within three months, I was ovulating normally again. The most amazing results came after a visit to my gynecologist. An ultrasound revealed that
the cyst was gone. 

 Acupuncture has been a miracle for me and has changed my life. I would most certainly recommend it to anyone. DS

I am a professional athlete recovering from knee surgery. Acupuncture increased my mobility and reduced the swelling and pain in my knee, speeding my return to work. I also suffer from neuroma, which is a pinched nerve in my foot. I was told that surgery was my only remaining option. After trying a few sessions of acupuncture, surgery is no longer an option for me, since I am pain-free. Acupuncture is unique in that you can have several aches, pains and problems worked on at the same time. Acupuncture is not painful; in fact, it is quite relaxing. My headaches are less frequent and less intense. I feel much more balanced and energetic after treatment. MG

 I have had lower back pains for many years now and have tried chiropractor treatments for a long time, but still had pain in my back. I heard about other people trying acupuncture for stress and pain relief, so I had my first treatment last year with Monique. I was amazed how fast the treatment helped reduce my back pain after just one treatment. I would definitely recommend Monique for acupuncture treatments. MC

 Tuesday I went to my annual OB appointment. She knows the entire situation. She wanted to run blood tests just to see how my hormone levels are. Well she just called me. Really great news! My FSH dropped from 74.6 to 13.7 and my LH dropped from 44 to 10.3. This is pretty exciting news. My OB/GYN said these are AMAZING results from where they were. They also put me into normal ovulation range. This is all thanks to you!!!! Thank you for working with me!!!

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